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Breaking: U.S. EMBASSY IN THE UNITED KINGDOM PROMOTES MAR-A-LAGO ON WEBSITE   This is not normal. This is NOT normal. They’ve not even trying to hide the rampant corruption at the highest ranks of the Trump Administration anymore. Is this really happening?   How does Mar-a-Lago get a free advertisement on a government website? This is nuts!Read More

Watch: ‘Trump Presidency In Chaos’ With AG Firing Says Legendary Journalist

Boom! Legendary Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein delivered a hardhitting interview on CNN last night amidst the startling revelation that Trump fired the acting-Attorney General: “The President and his Presidency are in Chaos.”  Such a stern rebuke of Trump’s first two weeks in office from a legend like Carl Bernstein whose Watergate reporting brought down PresidentRead More

Watch: Bill Maher’s “Real Time” Returns To Blast Trump Inauguration

Boom! Man have we missed Bill Maher and his epic takedowns of Trump, Spicer, and Kellyanne Conwayd’s ridiculous bullshit. “Real Time” returned this week  Not only are we living in an “Alternate Fact” environment as Kellyanne Conway admits, but apparently Sean Spicer has nothing better to do than complain about harsh media coverage of theRead More

Watch: SNL Slams Trump Inauguration, Low Turnout, and Putin’s Glee

Vladimir Putin is a happy man today! And the writers at SNL brought this point home brilliantly in this week’s “Cold Open” by roasting both Trump and Putin in a sketch starring a shirtless, devious and boastful looking Putin.  Why is Putin so chipper and optimistic? It’s likely because his Manchurian candidate finally took theRead More

Watch: History Will Never Forget How Republicans Treated President Obama

Sorry Republicans, but Democrats are not going to turn the other cheek and ignore the ridiculous obstruction you leveled upon President Obama as well as the blatant disrespect of the Commander In Chief.  The video below is but a compilation of some of the most infamous rightwing media hitjobs. You remember the likes of GlenRead More

Watch: Schumer Shreds Trump HHS Pick “Cries Out For Investigation”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer shredded Tom Price, Trump’s pick for HHS Secretary, for allegedly breaking the law to enrich himself and the owners of a medical device company.  Congressman Tom Price was billed as a hero of the incoming Trump cabinet, poised to unravel Obamacare from inside the castle walls as Republicans in CongressRead More

Watch: Bush Ethics Lawyer ‘Trump In Violation Of Constitution’

Donald Trump will be in direct violation of the Constitution when he takes office, according to President George W. Bush’s former ethics lawyer.  Trump’s globally diverse and ubiquitous business dealings leave him vulnerable to violations of various federal ethics laws and norms governing Presidential financial disclosures.  The chief concern for ethics watchdogs revolves around theRead More

Trump Pick Bought $15k In Stock, Pushed Bill To Help Company Days Later

Donald Trump is assembling one of the most corrupt Administrations in the history of American politics.  This is not an opinion, this is a fact, and is emblematic of Trump’s blatant disregard for federal ethics and conflict of interest laws that have long governed the cabinet appointment and confirmation process.  CNN’s Manu Raju shared theRead More

Trump is in Massive Debt to 150 Banks for $1 Billion

Trump is in Massive Debt to 150 Banks for $1 Billion! In one of the most under reported stories of the week, we learned that President-elect Trump is in MASSIVE debt. Approximately 150 banks own more than $1 billion in Trump Organization debt, with a significant amount personally guaranteed by Trump himself.    Why isRead More