Watch: Billionaire Democrat Blasts Trump Infrastructure Plan

Watch: Billionaire Democrat Blasts Trump Infrastructure Plan

Billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer blasts Trump’s infrastructure plan in the video clip below from CNBC.

Steyer, a skilled investor who made billions betting on clean energy and alternative investments such as wind and solar as a hedge fund manager, is one of Trump’s loudest critics on the Democratic side.

After launching a national grassroots activist network to power the resistance, Steyer is spending millions of dollars to run public advertising campaigns critical of Trump’s dangerous agenda to defraud the American people.

In response to a question from a CNBC anchor casting Trump’s tax and infrastructure scam in a positive light, Steyer blasted the premise of the question and launched into the epic response below:

“Getting rid of environmental protections that ensure people’s health and longevity. Is that a good investment? To get rid of it so people can build things that pollute and make people dangerous. That doesn’t sound like a good investment to me.”

“Lowering taxes on corporations so that their bottom lines are bigger, but in fact we take money away from the government so that normal programs are gonna have to be slashed over decades to come. That doesn’t sound like a good investment to me.”

“I really think we should be taking a longer view. We should be betting on the American people. We should be asking ourselves, ‘What really creates prosperity in America?’ And to me, what really creates prosperity in America, is the productivity and success of the American people. Everything that I do would be based on the idea ‘How do we make Americans successful?'”

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