Watch: Colbert Crushes Bill O’Reilly In Final Farewell to the Rightwing Blowhard 

Boom! Stephen Colbert crushed Bill O’Reilly with an epic final farewell to the rightwing, self proclaimed King of a Cable News. 

While it was ultimately rampant sexual harassment that brought down the host of the O’Reilly Factor, who reigned over a kingdom of bigotry for twenty years that helped built the Fox News empire, apparently O’Reilly will be paid a golden parachute worth millions. 

Colbert didn’t miss a moment soaking in the climactic downfall of O’Reilly, at one point turning the camera away in an act of celebration. He also crushed O’Reilly for a recent revelation that he once called a black female intern “Hot chocolate.” To which Colbert responded, “Yes that’s incredibly sexist, but it’s also incredibly racist!”

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