Watch: Jake Tapper Destroys Trump For His “Buy American” Hypocrisy

Watch: Jake Tapper Destroys Trump For His “Buy American” Hypocrisy

Boom! Jake Tapper absolutely destroyed Donald Trump for the ridiculous hypocrisy implicit in Trump’s most recent “Buy American” executive order. 

Why would a man who outsourced nearly all of his own manufacturing to China sign an Executive Order instructing the Federal Government to buy American?  

It just doesn’t add up! Which is why Tapper ripped into Trump by asking the million dollar question, “Does that mean we shouldn’t buy your products?”

The other important element of this story is the limited impact it will have on American manufacturing jobs. 

An executive order is not a law. It does not have any impact or influence over small businesses or large corporations. This only impacts the procurement guidelines of the Federal Government. 

Executive orders are effectively instructions to the various agencies of the Federal Government on how to act. They might instruct federal employees to enforce, or not enforce, a certain policy set out by a previous administration. They may also give instructions to ignore or refuse to enforce laws passed by the Congress.   

Bravo Jake Tapper for calling bullshit on yet another political stunt by the Trump  Administration. This latest action is nothing more than a PR stunt masquerading as policy. 

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