Watch: Reporters Baffled Trump White House Managed To F*ck Up Easter

Boom! A CNN anchor and a New York Times reporter were baffled that the Trump White House somehow managed to fuck up Easter!

That’s right folks, the storied White House Easter egg hunt is a long running tradition that has gone on uninterrupted for over a hundred year, and yet, the Trump Administration botched the entire process this year. 

Invitations are delayed, attendance plummeted, and key vendors were left out in the cold and even took to Twitter to remind the White House that the deadlines for Easter Egg orders were nearly at hand!

The incompetency of Trump’s cadre of sycophants and ‘yes men’ are not only blundering foreign and domestic policy, but they can’t even get he pomp and circumstance right! There is literally a playbook, and they can’t even follow directions!

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