Watch: CNN Panel Erupts As Trump Fan Defends $22 million Mar-a-Lago Trips 

Watch: CNN Panel Erupts As Trump Fan Defends $22 million Mar-a-Lago Trips 

Boom! Don Lemon presided over a CNN panel that erupted when a Trump supporter offered a ridiculous excuse for the ludicrously expensive golf trips to Mar-a-Lago that Delusional Donald takes nearly every weekend. 

Lemon began the segment with a damning revelation, “We crunched the numbers and found that the president has spent six weekends and a total of 21 days at Mar-a-Lago, the total cost of those trips around $21.6 million.” 

Worse yet, Trump is forcing taxpayers to foot the bill while personally profiting from the high-profile visits to the Trump-owned resort in Palm Beach, Florida. In other words, Trump is “Double dipping” by expensing lavish weekend trips to his family business. 

Resident Trump trolls Ben Ferguson and Kayleigh McEnany mounted a feeble defense that quickly became the laughing stock of the segment. 

The panel went off the rails when Ferguson tried to pivot by claiming that Trump was working on the Syria crisis at the Florida resort, to which Lemon responded “He can’t do that at the White House?” Kayleigh also launched into a red herring about liberal criticism of Trump’s Syria strikes, to which Lemon quickly corralled the conversation back to the topic at hand. 

The cold hard facts are that Trump is the biggest “Welfare queen” of them all, milking the federal government for millions each and every day. Between Melania’s taxpayer-funded private fortress in midtown Manhattan to Trump’s $3 million a day Mar-a-Lago golfing sessions, this White House is proving to be one of the most expensive in history. 

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