Watch: Sean Spicer Flip Flop? “Not Even Hitler Used Chemical Weapons” 

Did Sean Spicer and the Trump Administration just flip flop on support for Bashar Al-Assad? Now they’re placing the goal posts at the ultimate low: “Not even Hitler used chemical weapons.”

That’s almost certainly a new low, given that the admisntiation previously held high hopes for the Assad regime, even insinuating that we partner with Assad to combat ISIS.

It’s hard to see a scenario now where we ally with a butcher who is willing to barrel bomb and annihilate his own people indiscriminately. 

Whereas Spicer is simply doing Trump’s bidding, the government of the United States must imperatively take the longer view, staunchly condemning the rogue actions of the Assad regime, taking appropriate military action, and ensuring that there is a plan in place to resolve the Syria conflict without future chemical attacks. 

One thing is for sure, the Trump Administration have reached a new low when they are flip flopping on support for regimes that use chemical weapons. We have to ask: did they truly trust Assad NOT to use these weapons, or were they so blatantly naive as to ignore the telltale signs? 

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