Watch: New “Radio Free USA” Podcast Labels Bill O’Reilly “Clown of the Week”

Boom! “Radio Free USA” just dropped their latest podcast and this week the guys take aim at Bill O’Reily as the “Clown of the Week.” Last week’s podcast targeted Devin Nunes as the Clown of the Week, and he got fired from the House Intel Committee’s Russia investigation! 

Co-Hosts Tarik, Founder of Democratic Memes, and Tim lead the charge this week, with special guest John Harper, a seasoned journalist whose new startup, Grapple Media, is fighting “Fake News” across the Internet. 

The “Radio Free USA” team are off to a strong start, with the podcast soon to be released to iTunes so our fans can listen directly from their mobile device. For now, don’t worry, we’ve got all the podcasts up on SoundCloud so you don’t have to miss a minute of the hardhitting action! 

Listen to the podcast below, comment, and share widely with your friends!