Watch: Daily Show “Sean Spicer Kindergarten Press Secretary” Sketch Is Epic

Boom! The Daily Show destroyed Sean Spicer with an epic “Kindergarten Press Secretary” sketch that brilliantly underscores the adversarial relationship between Spicer and The White House Press Corps. 

Sean Spicer lost credibility early on in his tenure with absurd exaggerations of innauguration crowd sizes and never quite recovered. 

Now the daily press briefing is home to epic clashes with the Press Corps, and is fodder for Democrats and comedians across the internet as Spicer engages in mortal combat with reporters! 

Finally, Spicer’s strategy post-legitimacy is to treat the Press with utter contempt and condemnation. Spicer’s routine is that each question is baseless and the questioner must be attacked with ferocity. Which makes for great TV, but horrible relations between the Fourth Estate and the Administration. 

Arguably, Spicer deserves some credit for not yet collapsing under the weight of the office and the enormity of his misgivings; however, we prefer to keep Spicer at arms length and present his absurd fascist propaganda to the world so the masses can reject him. 

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